Oil And Gas Offshore Jobs

Welcome to Airswift. For over 35 years, we’ve been the most trusted staffing and recruiting agency in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. Along with offshore oil and gas jobs, we assist with staffing for administrative and executive positions. No matter the size of your business or personal experience, we are your key to connecting with the best in the business.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Airswift serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to capture and deliver the top talent needed to complete successful projects by aligning with the unique needs of our clients. With over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors operating in over 50 countries, our geographical reach and pool of talent available is unmatched in the industry and the level of experience, exposure and expertise that the organization has is unparalleled.

We truly care about making the industry the best it can be beginning with all the offshore oil and gas careers we are building each day.


Have you wondered about offshore oil and gas opportunities, but you’re not been certain how to access them? Perhaps you’ve dealt with countless employment agencies who want to help, but they aren’t very familiar with the industry. Your search can end here. We’ll quickly assign you to a personal account manager who keeps tabs on the search process, and lets you know about upcoming opportunities. At the same time, we’ll be polishing your resume to ensure it captures the right attention.

Once you’re in one of the offshore oil and gas jobs you desire, we’ll start seeking a replacement, as many positions are temporary. While you’re working, take advantage of chances to interact with your coworkers and peers at social gatherings, company picnics and more. Further, we provide support if you have to relocate.


Enjoy a secure and streamlined vetting and hiring process when Airswift acts as your human resources department. All of our candidates have undergone rigorous background checks, and we’ll never send anyone to interview for your oil and gas offshore jobs who doesn’t meet at least 90 percent of the criteria. These men and women are not on the job boards, and they have a passion for building their offshore oil and gas careers with your brand.


To find out more about offshore oil and gas jobs, please use the contact form below to get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you!