Oil and Gas Recruiters

Airswift does everything possible to remain the largest operating Oil & Gas recruiter in the world. In order to keep our professional contractors employed with the biggest names in the business, it is always important that we bring in new talent. If you are a professional in the Oil & Gas industry and want to find a more efficient, effective and personalized approach to continued work, find out what makes Airswift your best Oil & Gas recruiting solution.

What Are the Most In-demand Oil & Gas Recruitment Jobs?

When it comes to Oil & Gas recruitment jobs, several areas are always in high demand. If you have skills in any of the following areas, one of our Oil & Gas recruiters would love to speak with you as soon as possible:

Field Technician: As a field technician, it is your duty to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. We are looking for candidates who have experience managing a crew.

Engineer: If you possess a Master’s in science or engineering, the world of Oil & Gas recruitment jobs is ripe for the picking.

Offshore Specialist: Offshore drilling operations are becoming more prominent than ever, and experienced seamen are needed to fill these challenging positions.

Administrative Personnel: We have several job openings for office jobs that range from administrative assistant to executive vice president.

What Is Required from Potential Oil & Gas Job Candidates?

Airswift wants to see that you are motivated by more than just monetary gain. When you speak with an Oil & Gas recruiter, we will gauge your passion for the industry to see how well you match certain positions. We offer our clients workers who meet 90 percent or more of their qualifications, which means that your resume needs to include plenty of experience in the industry.

What Sets Airswift Apart from Other Oil & Gas Recruiting Firms?

When you join Airswift, you get personalized attention not common in many other Oil & Gas recruiters. We set you up with an account manager who personally oversees every aspect of your employment. Our entire staff also works around the clock to make sure that you receive continued employment well after your initial contract runs out.

What Does Airswift Offer Oil & Gas Employers?

Airswift works with an unmatched database of job candidates and has successfully placed workers in 57 different countries. When you use us for your staffing needs, you draw upon the skills from a global workforce. You also receive workers who are safe, reliable and make sure that your operation runs as smoothly as possible.

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