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    Airswift is proud to be among the leading oil and gas recruiters and staffing agencies in the world, a division of the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. For decades, companies and contractors have counted on us for the finest in oil and gas recruiting.

    Airswift serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to capture and deliver the top talent needed to complete successful projects by aligning with the unique needs of our clients. Unlike other energy, process and infrastructure recruitment agencies, we are large scale and international, but provide a personal touch to everyone on our team. If you are hoping to fill or find a job through oil and gas recruiters, Airswift is the place.


    As soon as a contractor joins up with Airswift, he or she is considered an integral colleague. Clients can also expect to receive personalized service, no matter what kind of talent they are looking for. Because we concentrate all of our efforts on oil and gas recruiting and staffing, we hold deep knowledge on the particular needs of the industry, and understand what workers and hiring managers need.


    Other oil and gas recruitment agencies might only help you get a position for the moment, but not really stick around for the long haul. Our first step is to match you with an account manager who will keep tabs no less than every two weeks. Next, we ensure that your resume is ready to attract the eyes of the employers you want to work for. When you do land a job, we get to work on finding a new one to replace it when it’s completed.

    In addition to our services as oil and gas recruiters, we bring you into an organization that lets you know we care. We manage relocation details if a job takes you away from home. Airswift is much more than an energy, process and infrastructure sector recruiter.


    With energy, process and infrastructure recruitment agencies spread throughout 50 plus global offices, and an unparalleled database of contractors, we work with companies like yours in 57 countries. When you need to bring on new staff, whether for temporary or permanent positions, we take care of all the details. Background checks, drug testing, salary arbitration and contract negotiation; we’re the oil and gas recruiters you can trust.

    Our prospective contractors will meet at least 90% of your desired skills, and be motivated by a passion for the industry. Your oil and gas recruiter can introduce you to professionals from every level, roustabout to executive. This is oil and gas recruiting at its finest.

    If you have been looking for oil and gas recruiters who understand your career goals or what you need in employees, fill the contact form below or email to our office. We will be glad to act as your energy, process and infrastructure recruitment agency.

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