Oil And Gas Sales Jobs

Do you love selling things, but not so much in the traditional retail industry? Oil and gas sales jobs might be the thing for you. Airswift would be proud to be your source of information and support when you need to interview for oil sales jobs or need to hire for vacant jobs in your company.

Oil and gas sales jobs is one area on which we focus at Airswift. With over 35 years of exclusive focus in the energy, process and infrastructure industries, we are deeply familiar with all jobs and levels of employment in the sector. Unlike other employment agencies, we have connections to all kinds of oil sales jobs with all kinds of companies. Whether you are looking for permanent, temporary, entry-level or executive, we will have something in oil and gas sales for you.

Airswift has been a reliable and expanding staffing and recruiting company for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Oil and gas sales jobs were only available from one London office with fewer than 10 employees. Since then, we have grown a great deal and now have more than 50 global offices with hundreds of employees and unrivaled pool of talent. With the help of thousands of contractors we are able to maintain work in 57 countries across six continents.


Whether it is oil and gas sales, roustabout work, something at the executive level or administrative work, Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider. For our contractors, we provide support that lets them know they are valued. For company clients, this dedication means happier, healthier, more complete workers.


We offer a world of opportunity for our contractors and clients. If sales jobs in oil and gas will mean a move around the world, or if you want someone with an international background, Airswift is the place to be. We take care of housing and travel logistics and include a concierge pack that serves as a guide for those living and working in unfamiliar places. We can also help with visas, passports and immigration papers, if need be.


When you want to interview someone for oil sales jobs, any Airswift candidate we send will meet 90 percent or more of your required skill set, be motivated by more than monetary factors, and be eager to work within your various parameters. This is what we call the Golden Rule of Recruiting. Airswift sees to it that you meet only the best and brightest candidates while offering any human resources support.


Find out more about oil and gas sales jobs with Airswift when you use the contact form below or office locator on our site. We look forward to meeting you!