Oil And Gas Temporary Agencies

Airswift is one of the leading temporary agencies in the Oil & Gas production industry – a division of the energy, process and infrastructure sectors — and we are always looking for dedicated workers to fill lucrative and rewarding positions through our DC temp agency and our offices located around the world. Oil & Gas positions need to be filled in order to keep profitable rigs going and it is our mission to provide contractors with potential jobs and to keep a stream of experienced and qualified candidates employed.


Oil & Gas production changes depending on the availability of the product and the demand for production. Airswift’s business services team takes care of all travel logistics for contractors and can provide car rental, housing and shipment of goods to virtually any location. Airswift’s temp agencies are located across the globe. We have over 50 offices with workers placed in 57 different countries and can easily help with passport and visa issues in order to make the transition to high-level Oil & Gas producing areas and countries easy for contractors. Jobs can take you inland to places such as Alberta and North Dakota or off-coast in the North Seas or the Gulf of Mexico depending on production levels.


By starting your career with Airswift, you gain access to one of the largest networks in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. By joining the Airswift organization as a contractor you not only place yourself on a job board, but you also become an integral part of the Airswift matrix and are eligible for all of the benefits included. We provide you with tools to effectively craft your resume in order to land the best jobs possible. We also provide support packages for transition to your work location.


Contacting a temp agent is the first step to beginning one of the most professional career development paths available on the market today. Airswift has been in the temp agency business for over 35 years and our experience will give you the most connections available in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. Our extensive global presence and pool of talent available is unparalleled in the industry, as is our level of expertise and exposure.


Airswift has proven capabilities to help you find, hire and support the right candidates for your company. We keep the lines of communication as open as possible for you to provide us with information and to answer any questions. If you are interested in finding a position with a temp agency in the closest vicinity to you, or if you have positions to fill, feel free to contact Airswift contact form below or by phone and we will help you as quickly as possible.