Oil And Gas Training Courses

Are you interested in getting your foot in the door of the energy, process and infrastructure industries? Oil and gas courses online can be a wonderful way to build your skills and credentials. Airswift is pleased to offer this service to our contractors, and assure our company clients that the people we send are highly qualified. Oil and gas training courses are one of the perks that Airswift offers to our contractors.

These days, a traditional college education costs more than it ever has before, and the prices are only going up. Perhaps you have decided to forgo this option to begin working right away. However, if you hope to find a good job and move up within the sector, you still need to have training and special skills. Oil and gas online courses are the perfect solution for those not willing to enter conventional education tracks, but still want to learn and work hard to advance their careers. These courses can also help broaden the skill set of those with college degrees.

Airswift provides this training for our registered contractors within our staffing and recruiting services. This is one way we are miles ahead of other employment agencies, and have an in depth knowledge of what the energy, process and infrastructure industries need. These efforts are supported by more than 50 international locations, hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors. Oil and gas courses online are how our unsurpassed pool of talent gain the skills they need, and that the industry needs.


If you are a job hunter, we will take some time to learn about your goals and abilities. We will also work to ensure that your resume is ready to attract the eyes you want upon it. First, you will work with a recruitment specialist to land that first job. Then, once you’re officially working with Airswift as a contractor, you will have your own personal account manager, who keeps in touch regularly to keep you up to date on the industry. If oil and gas training programs are something we think will help, we will talk to you about checking them out.

If you are a job creator, let us know your required skill set, and any other human resource help you need. We will only send candidates for interviews if they meet 90 percent or more of your outlined credentials, and are driven by motivation that goes beyond the thought of a paycheck. Further, these men and women are not on the job boards, and are eager to work within your particular parameters.

Over time, we will continue to build our relationship with you, getting to know you better and to more completely understand your needs and goals. This is what we love about our job.


When you are ready to learn more about Airswift’s offerings of oil and gas online courses, please use the contact form below, or the office locator to reach your preferred location any where in the world.

Thanks for considering Airswift!