Oil Companies Texas

From a Rich History to a Bright Future with Texas Oil Companies

In the United States of America, few places are as associated with the energy industry as Texas. For both professionals hoping to work with oil companies in Texas, and the Texas oil companies themselves, Airswift can be an invaluable partner.

Where We Came From

Throughout the past 35 years, Airswift has grown to maintain over 50 offices all over the globe, an unmatched database of contractors and active operations in 57 countries. We’ve worked closely with many leading oil companies in Texas to make the region one of our most successful.

During all of our history, Airswift has always aimed to be the biggest network in energy, process and infrastructure, no matter what it takes or where it takes us. We have decades of experience, are looking to a bright future, and we’d love to have you along for the ride!

Become Part of a Global Network

If you’re hoping to become a part of one of the many profitable Texas oil companies, Airswift can be your key to that success. As soon as you become one of our contractors, we assign an account manager to your case, and he or she will be in touch at least every two weeks to discuss the oil companies Texas might send looking for you. If working in Texas means you have to relocate, we take care of travel, housing, documentation, and even a concierge package to help you get to know your new home.

Unbeatable Candidates for Your Open Positions

We know that oil companies in Texas are desirable places to work, and that you could use help looking through all of those resumes. Let us streamline the process for you by presenting candidates that fulfill no less than 90% of your outlined skill set, agree to the set salary and are eager to work in the field. Whether you need roustabouts or executives, your oil company in Texas can find ideal individuals through Airswift. Better yet, we’ll take care of the drug screens, background checks, contract negotiation, and other HR tasks. Feel confident that we’ll make it easy to find the right person for your project.

Contact Airswift Today

Airswift is committed to providing Texas oil companies with fine job candidates, as well as helping professionals land the jobs they’ve always wanted. Please feel free to fill the our contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. We look forward to speaking with you about work on either end of the leading oil companies in Texas.