Oil Drilling Companies Hiring

The drilling companies hiring these days do not always have the time for as thorough a vetting and hiring process as they might like. This means they are not necessarily meeting the best candidates for the open positions. Further, it leaves lots of great candidates high and dry. Ultimately, the oil drilling companies hiring and the people who want the jobs need a better way to connect.

Airswift can be that solution. We have decades of experience when it comes to matching talent and need in the Oil industry. With 6,000 contractors in our database, 800 employees in over 50 locations across the world, and the support of thousands of consultants, Airswift has ongoing work in 57 countries.

If you are one of the drilling companies hiring, know that we have been doing this for decades. If you are one of the oil drilling companies hiring in Texas, your part of the world is one of our hot spots. We have excellent working relationships with many of the top brands in the region, and have a pool of candidates who are here now, or are prepared to relocate when the drilling companies hiring put out the call. Airswift is the perfect partner to bring the right people together at the right times.

The Oil Drilling Companies Hiring Want You!

Are you hoping to get in with the oil drilling companies hiring in your area? Airswift has the tools to turn that dream into a reality. First, as a candidate, you will work with a recruitment consultant as you apply for positions. Then, as a contractor, you will be in regular contact with a personal account manager when it is time to replace temporary positions and expand your experience.

The Golden Rule of Recruiting

Drilling companies hiring with Airswift know that they can count on us to tend to all the details of human resource needs. Further, we adhere to what we call the Golden Rule of Recruiting:

Anyone we send to interview will meet 90 percent or more of your outlined skill set, will be happy to work within the specified salary range and be motivated by one or more non-monetary factors. This works in everyone’s favor.

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