Oil Drilling Companies

Airswift has excellent working relationships with many of the top oil drilling companies in the world and an unmatched candidate database with thousands of the best workers in the energy industry. As a world leader in staffing and recruiting, it is our goal to make long-term relationships between hiring companies and professionals in the energy industry.

Who We Are

In all of our work with oil drilling companies and individual workers, we strive to make people feel appreciated, and strongly believe that this makes better employees, better employers and a healthier workplace.

More than 35 years ago, Airswift was just getting its start. In order to be the biggest network in oil drilling and to work with US oil drilling companies, we understood that expansion was very important. Today, we have 800 employees and more than 50 offices worldwide. We maintain a working presence in 57 countries.

For Job Creators

If you are one of the oil drilling companies who needs help finding the perfect candidates, Airswift will provide professionals who are not on the job boards. Our candidates are eager to work for the salary you offer, meet 90 percent or more of your specified skill set, and be driven by at least one non-monetary factor.

We can also provide any and all human support you need. We have the capacity to handle vetting, hiring, payroll, benefits, and more. Our services are for every discipline and type of position for companies of all sizes.

For Job Seekers

Airswift is your connection to the top US oil drilling companies. We can work on your resume, discuss current and future options, and be the guiding force that your career needs. We provide full relocation services for those interested in moving to a new location.

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If you are looking for oil drilling company jobs, visit the job board on our website. If you need to hire workers, please fill in the contact form below to learn how we can assist you.