Oil Drilling Jobs

Oil drilling jobs are nothing if not complicated and demanding. When you want to use your talent to grow your career, or need the best professionals working for you, trust Airswift to connect you with the jobs and contractors you require.


To meet the demands of the energy, process and infrastructure industries, you need a staffing and recruiting agency who knows the ropes. With decades of experience, solely in the energy, process and infrastructure fields, we have a deep knowledge of what you do and how you do it. As an international organization, we maintain over 50 global offices, a database of contractors unparalleled in the industry and professionals working in 57 countries. We are an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries.

Our time in the business has allowed us to build wonderful relationships with some of the leaders in the industry, and we are glad to extend those relationships to you. From helping individuals find oil driller jobs to supporting a company when it needs a new CEO, we provide personalized attention.


Of course we introduce companies to the best contractors working in the energy, process and infrastructure business. We are able to do this, in part, because we give contractors what they need to perform. At the outset, they get guidance from their own account managers, who keep in regular contact before, during and after a job. Our crew polishes resumes to help them attract employers, and is on the hunt for a replacement position when a job is temporary. Finally, we do what we can to offer support in the event of relocation (such as a concierge package) or sudden changes.

We understand that you have to budget your time, so we are glad to do the legwork of taking on new contractors for oil drilling jobs. The candidates you meet will have undergone background and drug screens, and spoken with us about contracts and salaries. When we introduce someone to you, we promise that they meet or exceed 90 percent of your requested criteria, and are motivated by personal development as well as a paycheck. If you need someone who is familiar with the various types of drilling, we’ve got them. If you need a manager for your office staff, we have that, too.

Together, you and Airswift will improve the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Better yet, we make things positive for you and your business.


Now is the time to begin you career with Airswift. With perks like benefits packages, support for every level of your company and so much more, we go way beyond finding and filling oil drilling jobs. To find out more about Airswift, and the types of oil drilling positions with which we work, fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator.