Oil Drilling Rig Jobs

Looking to fill or find drilling rig jobs with an Oil & Gas company, a division of the energy, process and infrastructure sectors? Airswift would like to partner with you for the connection of industry talent and need.

We are a well-known force in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and can assist at all levels and steps of your particular process. After decades in the field, we have excellent working relationships with many of the leading companies, and maintain a database of unsurpassed qualified contractors. Essentially, we have what you need.


We understand that you have a lot going on, and need to know that your staffing needs are covered. Be assured that our contractors depend on Airswift for career opportunities, and they don’t work with the job boards or other recruiters. We’ll send you candidates who meet no less than 90 percent of your outlined credentials, and are motivated by not just a paycheck, but also the development of skill and knowledge. Airswift will take care of background checks, drug screens, salary arbitration, contract negotiation and everything else you need to find the best professionals for your drilling rigs jobs.

In addition to presenting ideal candidates for rig jobs, we can also help you find the right personnel for executive and administrative assistant positions. We are familiar with every aspect of the energy, process and infrastructure business, and will take the time to find what you are looking for.


Landing the perfect drilling rig jobs requires more than handing someone your resume. With connections all over the globe through over 50 offices, we put you in touch with the employers you most want to work for. Join the contractors already at work in 57 countries with the regular guidance of your own account manager, with whom you’ll speak at least every two weeks. Once we’ve ensured that your resume is designed to attract the right eyes, we’ll locate that first position, and get to work on its eventual replacement.

Joining the Airswift organization means more than just getting a job. You are a part of our integral core. We recognize that you fill many roles, and do our part to support you at every turn, even if you have to relocate for drill rig jobs.


Like you, Airswift is dedicated to the utmost for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. Whether you need to find highly experienced contractors for drilling rig jobs or hope to get a position with an oil company in a particular city, our staff wants to make it happen. You’ve already got a passion for what you do — now let us help you achieve success. To learn more about how Airswift can support you, please fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. We look forward to helping you find or fill the perfect drilling rigs jobs.