Oil Field Jobs East Texas

Oil field jobs in east Texas can mean incredible opportunities for both workers and employers. Airswift is honored to work at every level of the business, and within the industries of six continents, we will match high quality talent with the rewards of companies in need. This is your resource for oilfield jobs in east Texas and beyond.

We maintain excellent working relationships with both individuals and companies all over the world. We know we’re doing something right when former Airswift contractors return after starting their own businesses and seek contractors from our database of candidates unrivaled in the sectors we serve. They know how much we value the people performing oil field jobs in east Texas and count on us for the service they need.

From east Texas oilfield jobs to managerial positions in Europe, Asia and more, Airswift serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to capture and deliver the top talent needed to complete successful projects by aligning with the unique needs of our clients. Whether that means working on a basic resume or filling your corner office with a bright new CEO, we provide the utmost in personalized attention. Since oilfield jobs in east Texas are of particular interest to so many of our clients, we are certain to keep ourselves deeply familiar with the arena and aware of what it takes to succeed.


As a contractor seeking the oil field jobs east Texas is offering, you’ll be matched with a reliable personal account manager. He or she will ensure that your resume is ready to attract the right eyes and that your professional and personal goals are understood. We will work to find your next position you’re your current assignment is near completion, and we will always work to place you in an ideal location. If relocation to a new city, state or country is happening, we ease the transition with travel and housing assistance, help with visas, passports and immigration papers, as well as a concierge pack to help you get settled. Rely on Airswift for payroll and benefits services.


When you need new employees, hiring can seem like an overwhelming process. Trust Airswift to fully vet your candidates with drug screens, background checks, salary arbitration, contract negotiation and any other human resource needs you have. We make sure that the candidates you meet with will fulfill 90 percent or more of your needed criteria and will be motivated by more than just a paycheck. Since the people in our database are not on the job boards, you know they are dedicated to working with Airswift and you.


To learn more about candidates and oil companies in east Texas, reach Airswift with our online contact form below or contact your chosen office with the office locator. We love what we do, and look forward to supporting your career o/as/contact/r company with our essential services.