Oil Field Jobs West Texas

Welcome to Airswift. For several decades, we’ve been leading the way in staffing and recruiting for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. A large part of what we do is bringing together talent and need for oil field jobs in West Texas. Whether you want to find the job of your dreams, or are a creator of West Texas oil field jobs, we have the skill and connections to serve you.

Beginning as a United Kingdom based company over 35 years ago, Airswift expanded over the years to provide quality assistance for West Texas oil jobs. As a vibrant location within the North American economy, this spot is full of opportunities for individuals and contractors, and bosses like knowing that they have access to a world of professionals through the Airswift database of over contractors that sets the industry standard.


Perhaps you feel like other staffing agencies simply can’t put you in touch with the employers you want. At Airswift, we match you with an account manager, who touches base every two weeks, makes certain that your resume is targeting the West Texas oil jobs you want and looks for projects to replace temporary ones. If you’re coming from another city, state or country for West Texas oil field jobs, count on us to tend to logistics of travel and housing, and documentation like passports, immigration and work visas. We’ll also give you a concierge package to ease the transition to a new home.

Beyond the red tape and tasks of oil field jobs in West Texas, we organize social events and gatherings on small and large scales. Sometimes, we even put West Texas oil jobs on hold so that everyone can focus on a companywide service project.


Finding the right person for a job can be quite a challenge, and we’re here to take some of that burden from your shoulders. When you partner with Airswift, you’ll meet people who want to work within your established parameters and pay scale, and meet 90% or more of your required credentials. These are people who want oil field jobs in West Texas, and rely solely on Airswift to find them. Their names are not on the job boards. Our human resource services are complete, and we take care of everything from background checks and drug screens to payroll and benefits. Our job is to make the hiring for West Texas oil field jobs a streamlined, successful process.


When you want to land West Texas oil field jobs, or have one to fill in your company, contact us through fill the contact form below or give us a call using our office locator. We love talking with West Texas oil companies and those who want to work there, and look forward to your call!