Oil And Gas Jobs In Dubai

    Airswift maintains and manages an unparalleled workforce of contractors who specialize in all sectors of energy, process and infrastructure. Currently, we are looking to fill open positions for our clients who have Oil & Gas jobs in Dubai. Airswift helps staff jobs ranging from field technicians, to offshore pipefitters, to geotechnical engineers to administrative professionals.


    Airswift is looking for people who are committed to the mission of the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. We want to match candidates with Dubai Oil & Gas jobs for which they possess over 90 percent of the requirements. This means that you need to show a motivation to something other than compensation and want to build a career in the energy industry.

    Because of your commitment to Oil & Gas jobs in Dubai, Airswift will put its entire staff behind your future success. We offer resume crafting services that make you stand out and help you get the positions you are most qualified for. It’s possible to land a lucrative contract with an oil job in Dubai and translate it into a successful career.


    No matter where you live in the world, Airswift wants to make your transition to Dubai as easy and convenient as possible. Airswift operates in over 50 global offices and has placed contractors in over 50 countries, so our communication and logistical infrastructure can make Oil & Gas jobs in Dubai quite comfortable.

    When you are recruited for Dubai Oil & Gas jobs, Airswift takes care of all travel logistics so you can focus on performing for your new company. We take care of travel, car rental and housing with our experienced business team. With our connections to international passport and visa companies, starting work and staying legally employed in Dubai Oil & Gas jobs is never a concern for you.


    As the largest network of contractors in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, Airswift provides employers with full-service human resources. Our capabilities are so vast that we were able to help BP with the HR and employment concerns of over 1,500 contractors during the Deepwater Horizon Incident. Our full-service includes the following:
    • A personal Airswift account manager for every contractor you employ who will keep steady contact.
    • A payroll team dedicated to seeing that you and your contractors receive superior support and service.
    • Full background checks on all contractors including drug screens.
    • Performance of contract negotiation and salary arbitration with contractors.


    If you are looking for oil jobs for oil jobs in Dubai, Airswift would love to work with you. Contact us through contact form below or email to speak with a representative today.

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