Oil Industry Jobs

When you need to find or fill a job on oil platform settings, partner with Airswift. For 35 years Airswift has developed robust relationships with individual workers and top companies in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We are proud to be a global company that offers high quality support and service to both employers and job seekers.


As stated above, we work all over the world, and want to retain our status as the leading recruitment company for the immense energy, process and infrastructure industries. In that spirit, we do all we can to connect the most coveted talent with the most rewarding jobs. Through our over 50 offices, and contractors in 57 countries, we stay familiar with a wide variety of  jobs in the oil industry . We are of course glad to assist you with unbeatable service, but take it a step further. Because we consider our contractors and clients integral to our success, we operate with a personal touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

Oil industry jobs are physically and mentally demanding, and we ensure that candidates are prepared for the challenge. Once an individual comes to us for a job on oil platform projects, we guide them with expert advice and resources, and also see that they undergo a serious vetting process. The result is excellent, happy contractors for employers and satisfying, reliable work for job seekers.


From the minute you join Airswift to whenever your time with us might end, we will be a source of guidance and support in your career. You will be assigned your own account manager, who keeps in regular contact every two weeks, and who assists you in crafting an impressive and effective resume. While you are working in a temporary position, we will be busy looking for the next one. If that next project involves relocation, acclimate to your new home with our special “concierge pack.” Finally, feel secure with excellent benefits packages, and the knowledge that we want to help families stay connected. In fact, we’ve even booked a cruise for one spouse who was unable to fly.


When you need to fill jobs in the oil industry, you deserve to know that your recruiter is only going to send candidates that are up to the challenge. The professionals you meet through Airswift will meet at least 90 percent of your outlined requirements, and be motivated by more than just money to do an excellent job. All of the staffing details, including contract negotiation, drug testing and salary arbitration, are overseen by Airswift. If you’re offering job on oil platform projects, we have the contractors you need.


Working in the oil industry requires reliable, qualified contractors, and Airswift is a company that strives to work with motivated individuals who are seeking rewarding positions in energy, process and infrastructure fields. You can call;  or fill the contact form below to us anytime to learn more about joining the premier international network of Airswift.