Oil Jobs Canada

Canada oil jobs present a wonderful opportunity to both individuals and companies. This is even truer when they partner with Airswift. Count on us to connect the finest talent with the most rewarding brands when it comes to the oil jobs Canada has to offer.

While oil jobs in Canada are not where we got our start, they’re now integral to what we do as a leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. Airswift began in London as a small company run by five people over 35 years ago. Since then, we’ve expanded to work in 57 countries on six continents. We have over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors. Though this is a big job on a massive scale, we keep the pace with over 50 international offices. We’re managing Canada oil jobs, as well as those in the Middle East, China and the United States.


Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. When you land a Canada oil job, you’ll be matched with a capable personal account manager who will keep you abreast of opportunities and help with polishing your resume. Whether you find something temporary or permanent, we’ll continue to support you by seeking replacement positions. The oil jobs Canada offers sometimes requires relocation of our contractors, and we’re always ready to help out with passports, visas, immigration papers, housing and transportation.

In the case of relocation, Airswift provides full mobility services and a concierge pack to introduce you to your new city.


For the job creators, we want to make the vetting and hiring process as simple as possible. By providing any and all human resources assistance you need, we streamline the task of taking on new members. Beginning with drug screens, background checks and in depth interviews, we remain confident that we send nothing but the best to your office.

The men and women hunting for oil jobs in Canada with Airswift are not on the job boards and count on us for the advancement of their careers. Trust that anyone you meet from us will fulfill 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria and be motivated by passion as well as a paycheck. When you find the right person, continue to keep it simple with our payroll and benefits services.


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