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    Have you been to an Edmonton job fair lately? Did you see lots of opportunities that line up with your experience in the energy, process and infrastructure industries? Or perhaps you are a vendor – did you find all those candidates you were hoping to interview? Our guess is that there were more dead ends than pots of gold.

    We know it can be tough out there on the employment seeking scene for both job hunters and job creators. It’s not that other employment agencies aren’t doing their job, but they don’t specialize in any one area. At Airswift, you’re going to find something different. We not only focus our recruitment specifically in the energy, process and infrastructure fields, but we treat all of our clients and candidates as one of the core players that you are. If you’ve been looking for information on the oil and gas jobs Edmonton companies are offering, or local folks to fill up those vacancies, your search can begin – and end – here at Airswift.

    Airswift has been an international leader among energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting organizations. Over three and a half decades, we’ve grown from a small London office with fewer than 10 employees to over 50 offices dotting the globe and employing hundreds. We also partner with thousands of contractors for the support of the unparalleled number of candidates in our database. The result is ongoing work in 57 countries on six continents and a world of opportunity for you. You can already see why this is better than the routine Edmonton job fair.


    The positions you find through Airswift aren’t just random jobs anyone could do. We pinpoint these because they are created with people like you in mind and designed to make the most of your passion and experience. Your personal account manager will help guide you toward these and into the career you really want.

    Take advantage of resume services, personal support, all arrangements of travel and housing (if you relocate), a comprehensive benefits package, and much more. Whether you’re looking for something entry level and temporary, or a long-term administrative position, we’ll show you the oil jobs Edmonton is offering.


    What if you could skip all the background checks, salary negotiations, and resume sorting and only meet candidates who fulfill 90 percent or more of your specified criteria? Airswift gives you all this and more with men and women bearing real life experience and the drive to succeed. They are eager to work in your company and won’t be tempted to go elsewhere, as they’re not cruising the job boards. It’s a win-win situation! This is better than just the Edmonton job fair, and it is suited to your exact needs.


    Find out about the oil and gas jobs Edmonton and other regions are offering when you use the contact form below or office locator to contact Airswift. Thanks for stopping by!

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