Oil Jobs For Women

    We often hear people wondering if there are oil field jobs for women. While it is true that much of the hands-on work of the energy, process and infrastructure industries is traditionally dominated by men, we are pleased to have plenty of women working with Airswift. As long you can meet the requirements of a job, anyone is welcome to accept the position.

    Oilfield jobs for women come in a wide variety, such as roustabout, manager, engineer, and CEO. Airswift is the perfect partner for helping both men and women find the jobs of their dreams and for connecting them with the companies that need their talents. As a world leader in staffing and recruiting for energy, process and infrastructure, we have valuable connections that help contractors and companies build lasting relationships for years.

    Who is Airswift? We started in London with one office and fewer than 10 employees. We put a lot of effort into expanding the business, and, 35-plus years later, we maintain more than 50 offices all over the globe with hundreds of employees. In addition, we have thousands of contractors who support the incomparable number of candidates in our database in finding the jobs they want. We have a working presence in 57 countries across six continents.


    Any oil field job is open to any qualified candidate, man or woman. Female candidates will work with recruitment consultants, and once a contractor, with a personal account manager to advance their careers in the directions they choose.

    As a contractor, you will receive support and guidance from our staff to make sure you know how valuable you are to the company, and it encourages you to be the best possible workers for our company clients.


    Let Airswift streamline your vetting and hiring when you offer jobs for women in the oil field. We will take care of screening, negotiating, benefits and payroll, as well as any other human resources tasks with which you need assistance. Every candidate we send will fulfill no less than 90 percent of your required skill set and bring a motivation for more than just a paycheck.

    Imagine spending more time growing your business and less time leafing though resumes with little to no success. That is what happens when you work with Airswift.


    Please visit the job board on our website, or use the contact form below to get in touch. We look forward to talking with you about oilfield jobs for women.

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