Oil Production Engineer Jobs

Have you recently come across a production engineer job description and thought it fits you perfectly? Have you been looking for the ideal oil production engineer to hire for your company? Whatever your situation is, Airswift can help you find what you are looking for.

We are both a career guide and human resources asset for individuals and companies making Airswift the leader in staffing and recruiting for the energy industry. We know how to connect you with the people you want to meet in the sector.

Who Is Airswift?

More than 35 years ago, Airswift was just getting its start. Today, we have 800 employees and more than 50 offices worldwide. We have projects ongoing in 57 countries, the support of thousands of consultants, and an unmatched database with more thousands of candidate names.

Connecting Talent with Need

Visit our website and search our job board for the perfect production engineer job description. When you apply for that job, a recruitment specialist will talk to you about your experience and goals, and they will provide you with resume and interview assistance. If you are a hiring company, you will only meet candidates who match 90 percent of your required criteria. This is how the finest workers get introduced to the rewarding companies that need them. We love facilitating these relationships, and seeing them last.


If oil production engineering requires you to move, Airswift provides travel and housing arrangements as well as visa and immigration capabilities. We even provide a concierge pack to let you get to know your new home.

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If you want to find a production engineer job description that fits you, visit our job board. If you need assistance hiring professionals, fill in the contact form below to learn how we can help. We look forward to working with you!