Oil Rig Job Vacancies

    New oil rigs are popping up all over the world and Airswift needs skilled individuals to help fill vacancies on these oil rigs. We work together with some of the top names in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors to help provide effective and essential solutions to building their workforce teams. It doesn’t matter if you have advanced degrees in petroleum or mechanical engineering, or if you are just an entry-level worker trying to make a career for yourself, Airswift can put you in one of our numerous oil rig vacancies and get you working as soon as possible.

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    A career through Airswift is not simply a job. It is instead a way for you to improve the way the world functions. Oil rig vacancies don't just provide ways to power the world, they find ways to power the world better. By working on an oil rig you will take part in an energy efficient solution to get the most out of our natural resources so they last longer and help fuel the places that are close to home and regions that may be far away from it.

    See The World

    Oil rigs are located around the globe and working on one can take you virtually anywhere you could possibly think of going. From the oil sands of Alberta, to the oil derricks in Midland, to the rigs off the coasts of Europe in the North Sea, Airswift places staff and fills oil rig vacancies around the globe. While work becomes a priority when you sign on with us, you will yourself in a supportive atmosphere on the rigs with a sense of community and camaraderie that isn't typically found in other industries. Our clients, candidates, and contractors become a part of our premier international network.

    Prepare For A Truly Rewarding Experience

    Educated and experienced workers have the potential to make up to six figures in a single year while entry-level workers make more money than almost any other starting profession. Energy, process and infrastructure sector companies offer outstanding benefit options, room for advancement, and other perks that keep employees around for a long time.

    Working with one of the companies we provide staffing solutions for is also an excellent way to learn new, valuable, and high-tech skills that can be transferred into other sectors of the economy with ease. A job through our company on oil rig vacancies isn't just another line item on your resume, but a key for opening up a world of other opportunities.

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    If you are in an oil rig job, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us through our email address and a recruiter will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you have further questions about our oil rig vacancies, please fill the online form below. Start a rewarding and life-changing career with Airswift today.

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