Oil Rig Jobs Australia

The oil rig jobs Australia offers can be an attractive opportunity, and not just for those who live on the continent. People all over the world, and international ernergy, process and infrastructure companies, deserve someone who can help them achieve their goals in the industry. Airswift is here to help with placements!

While oil jobs in Australia are just one small part of what we do, they get the personalized attention that only the Airswift name can give. While we are traditionally a company based in the United Kingdom, we are a global organization for the staffing and recruiting needs of those in energy, process and infrastructure. We have more than 50 offices all over the globe, and are powered by hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors. Together, they see that unparalleled number of qualified candidates in our database are paired with the best possible companies across the 57 countries out of which we work.

Depending on your experience, or level of employment available in your company, we can connect you for temporary rig work, permanent executive positions or anything in between. The oil rig jobs Australia has in store are varied and always evolving, and Airswift is adapting with it.


So how to we do it? First, we operate on our Golden Rule of Recruiting: Candidates who interview with our company clients meet 90 percent or more of the specified criteria. They are driven by motivations that go beyond paychecks, and are happy to work within the salary range the employer is offering. That way everyone is on the same page in the beginning, and things run smoothly for all parties involved.


Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Our decades of expansion speak for themselves about our reach. This is true for oil rig jobs in Australia and administrative work in Europe.


As a candidate and then a contractor, you will work with our consultants during your search for oil jobs in Australia. We will get a sense for your background and goals, and use that information to polish your resume and connect you with the most rewarding companies.. You will be supported, even if you have to relocate to the other side of the world. Count on us for logistics, benefits and more.

If you are an employer, get ready to meet vetted, qualified men and women from our company. We can take care of any and all human resources tasks, so you do not have to worry about the minute details.

Get started today by learning more about the oil rig jobs Australia has to offer when you fill in the contact form below or office locator on our site – call now!