Oil Rig Welding Job Resources

Welding is one of the tasks that, quite literally, holds things together in the Oil industry. There is absolutely no way we could do without the people skilled in welding. At Airswift, we specialize in staffing and recruiting services for the Oil industry. We are comprehensively familiar with all jobs in the sector which includes the various kinds of welding tasks. If you are someone who’s looking for a job in welding, or if you need to hire a new welder for your business, Airwift is the partner you can trust.

Welding Engineering Jobs

A welding engineer will need to have a degree in engineering as well as some work experience. If you’re a company client, any candidate we send you for your open vacancies will fulfill 90 percent or more of your required skill set and come with motivation for more than just a paycheck. With over 50 offices all over the world, you’ll easily connect with the people who can do the best for your business and career. Click here to learn more about Welding Engineering Jobs.

Offshore Welding Jobs

If you have your education, your apprenticeship and some work experience, and you are now ready to take your career to the next level, then Airswift is the perfect place to get things started. It’s essential that contractors have the required skills and accreditation for offshore welding jobs since several projects can take place underwater. If you need to hire manpower for welding jobs, Airswift can help with the hiring process by handling background checks, negotiations for you and your company, and candidate preparation prior to interviews with top industry brands. You can be certain that you’ll be working with the best of the best at Airswift. Click here to learn more about Offshore Welding Jobs.

Rig Welding Jobs

As someone who runs a sizable business and deals with numerous operations every day, you don’t have a ton of time to deal with the process of vetting and hiring. Let Airswift make it easier for you to concentrate on growing your brand by helping you with attentive human resources support on a global scale. We are an international leader of Oil staffing and recruiting, and we are serious about creating an atmosphere of professional relationships within the Airswift network. Candidates, contractors, and clients are all invaluable to us as we strive to constantly improve the industry. Click here to learn more about Rig Welding Jobs.

Oil Rig Welding Jobs

We assist at every level of employment, and we are devoted to both contractors and company clients. We understand the big picture, but we also pay attention to the smallest, every day details of the industry. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or through the contact form below on our website. We look forward to talking with you about welding jobs in Oil! Click here to learn more about Oil Rig Welding Jobs.