Oil Rig Welding Jobs

Interested in oil rig welding jobs — either landing one or filling a vacant spot in your company? Airswift is here to be a partner in your search. We have decades of experience when it comes to matching talent with need in the energy, process and infrastructure industries and look forward to working with you.

As you know, the oil rig welder is essential to making the entire operation run smoothly. Our experience working only in the oil and gas sector with numerous professionals and companies has given us a deep knowledge of the job. We’ll spend as much time necessary learning about your goals as a worker or company and introduce you to amazing and mutually beneficial opportunities.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. From oil rig welding jobs to managers and CEOs, we treat you like the valued part of the company that you are and strive for your continued success.


Once someone signs up as a contractor or company client, they join a global operation. Airswift may have gotten its start as a United Kingdom business, but we’ve since grown to be active on six continents. We have over 50 worldwide offices, 800 employees, and 6,000 contractors. Our people work in 57 countries. Welding jobs on oil rigs are one essential aspect of our global mission to make the energy, process and infrastructure industries the best it can be.

Beyond promoting expertise in the field, we pride ourselves on supporting the day to day tasks of contractors and employers. If you are an oil rig welder, know that we care about your personal growth as well as your career. In the event of a relocation, we will provide you with a concierge pack to ease the moving process. We can also assist with passports, visas and immigration papers.

For those offering welding jobs on oil rigs, we work hard to make the jobs of vetting and hiring easier. Every candidate you meet will fulfill 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria and be glad to work for the offered terms and salary. Better yet, these men and women are motivated by a passion for the job as well as compensation. Since they aren’t on the job boards, you know they count on Airswift to fuel their careers. We’ll see to background checks, drug screens, salary and contract negotiation and more.


When you want to know more as an oil rig welder or employer, please fill in the online contact form below or reach an office with the office locator. We look forward to hearing from you!