Oil Rig Worker Jobs

Airswift is looking for individuals to fill positions in the biggest oil producing states. We are the leading name in the energy, process and infrastructure industries; we help oil rig workers find employment and employers fill open positions throughout the United States of America with workers from across the world. Workers with many types of skill sets are needed for the rewarding and lucrative careers in the energy industry. Below are the states where international oil rig workers are in the highest demand:


A major portion of the state’s infrastructure is built upon the oil business and it houses some of the largest oil companies in the world. Airswift helps Texas have a dominant presence in the industry by keeping rigs staffed with new workers. If you want to make an outstanding living in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, Texas is the best place to go.


Alaska is a strategic reserve for America’s oil supply and workers in this state go on an adventure every time they strap on their boots and step outside. Because it is far away from the Continental United States, Airswift works hard with employers and potential workers to make sure the precious resources do not go underutilized. Working on oil rigs in Alaska is the adventure of a lifetime and can be a truly transformational experience for those wishing for a real life change.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, used to be the steel capitol of the world, but now Airswift is seeing a dramatic surge in the number of energy, process and infrastructure sector jobs popping up in the city. Airswift provides a significant workforce of over qualified individuals around the world in order to help staff Pittsburgh offices, but the recent demand for production in the area will definitely call for more hands on deck.


North Dakota is one of the newest states to become a major energy producer. Those who work on oil rigs have brought a boost to the state’s economy and are creating cities with high paying jobs that draw everyone from the country looking for opportunity. Not only are oil rig workers benefiting, but also everyone who comes to the state to work in “oil towns” makes well above standard wages.


New Mexico is relatively new to accommodating the needs for oil rig workers. Airswift is busy at work helping to establish a workforce in the state as well as getting oil employers the trained, efficient and reliable staff they need to make oil a viable resource for New Mexico.


Airswift has over 35 years of experience placing workers in the energy, process and infrastructure industries into lucrative positions around the world. Fill in the Contact form below immediately if you are looking to make the most out of your career. If you want to work close to home, give one of our offices a call to see where we are located.