Oilfield Jobs California

Have you been hoping to find the ideal oil rig jobs in California? Or perhaps you could use some help recruiting great candidates for your vacant oil field jobs in California. Whichever the case may be, Airswift is your partner for making that dream a reality.

For more than 35 years, Airswift has been supporting the careers and successes of those in the oil field industry. The past decades have seen us expand to become a global player in oil. Today, our reach encompasses Europe, the Middle East, Africa and even those oil rig jobs in California. More specifically, we have a huge database of thousands of contractors working in 57 countries. Our day to day operations are carried out in over 50 offices around the world, and with the help of hundreds of employees.

Finding Oil Rig Jobs in California

You’ve got the experience, and you’ve got the passion. However, if you’ve been working with the typical staffing and recruiting agency, finding an actual job in which to use them can be quite the challenge. Airswift works only in energy, and enacts a personalized service that you won’t find just anywhere. Landing oil jobs in California requires deep knowledge and consistency, and that’s what we do here. From regular conversations with your personal account manager to professional resume help to a concierge pack when you have to relocate for work, Airswift treats you like not just a contractor and candidate, but one of the close-knit network.

Filling Oil Rig Jobs in California

You don’t have endless time for human resource and hiring activities. When you need to focus on growing your business, trust Airswift to bring the people who can help you do it. Once we’ve vetted our contractors, and taken care of things like drug screens, background checks, salary arbitration, contract negotiation and the rest, we only introduce you to the men and women who meet 90 percent or more of your required skill set.

Once you’ve taken on one of our people, we’ll continue to keep things simple. Payroll services and benefits packages are taken care of, as are any other human resource tasks you need tended to. We maintain separate divisions for the various California oil jobs you need filled, including rig workers, engineers and CEOs.

Contact Airswift Today for Oil Jobs in California

To learn more about available oil refinery jobs in California, please use the online contact form below, or locate a specific office with our office locator. We look forward to speaking with you about your goals for oil rig jobs in California.