Operations Manager Jobs

As you know, energy, process and infrastructure are expansive industries with a need for professionals of all sorts. If you are hoping to find or fill operation management jobs within energy, process and infrastructure sectors, Airswift is your partner for growth and success. With connections all over the globe through 50 plus offices, we put you in touch with the employers you most want to work for and the employees you really want to hire.

With decades of experience, during which we’ve focused solely on Energy, process and infrastructure jobs (including operation management jobs) we have a rich understanding of how things work. You can count on us to match talent and need for your company or career.


Success demands the utmost in leadership, and that’s our goal when we fill your vacant operations manager job. With over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors operating in over 50 countries, we have a vast resource within which to search for your perfect candidate. When we send someone to you for an interview, they will meet no less than 90 percent of your specified skill set and work history, and nurture motivation that is more complex than the desire for a paycheck. These are professionals who want to advance their careers with an operation manager job, and make a habit of doing it with Airswift rather than the job boards.

Of course, operation management jobs also demand a thorough vetting process. Airswift will take care of everything from background and drug screens to salary and contract negotiation. In addition, we offer payroll services and benefits packages, helping contractors feel secure and well taken care of.


If you are thinking of seeking an operation manager job, we are prepared to help you from day one. First off, Airswift will match you with an account manager who keeps in touch at least every two weeks. Your resume will be professionally polished to reflect your skills for the operations manager job, such as knowledge of compliance, shipping and receiving, progress tracking, computer systems and working with various other mangers. Once you find the right position, we will begin to keep an eye out for its replacement (if the operations manager job is temporary).

For those who need to relocate for operations manager positions, we see to the details of travel, housing and documentation. Better yet, we provide a concierge package to help you settle in.


Whether you are in the market to fill or to fine operation management jobs, engineering or executive positions, Airswift will make you part of a world-class tradition. We believe that happy contractors mean successful companies, so we strive to offer the best to both an operations manager and his or her employer.


To learn more about finding or filling an operation manger job, please fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. It will be our pleasure to speak with you about operation management jobs, as well as any other questions you may have.