Overseas Employment Agencies

    There can be a lot of unique challenges if your company is growing and expanding its market and client base. Those challenges can become overwhelming if this includes overseas expansion. International job placement is complex, and may require work permits, visas, international travel and finance, and a lot of complicated logistics. In short, it can strain your management and human resources teams at a time when they already have a lot of work.

    That's why it makes a lot of business sense to partner with agencies for jobs overseas when you're looking to expand into and hire in a new country overseas.

    Why Work with Overseas Job Agencies?

    There are a lot of reasons to work with overseas employment agencies, including the fact that overseas recruitment agencies already have an existing talent pool that is either willing to relocate or working in the area where you need staffing. An overseas jobs agency can take the complicated and paperwork-intensive process of international hiring and make it as simple as reviewing and approving pre-screened candidates for your positions and contracts.

    The right international placement agency can connect you with highly-skilled labor quickly and with minimal strain on your existing human resources or management teams.

    How Do Overseas Job Agencies Alleviate Company Growing Pains?

    In addition to freeing up your existing management and human resources teams to focus on your current operations during this time of growth and upheaval by taking over the applicant search and vetting process, overseas job agencies can do a lot to make the international expansion process simpler and quicker for your company.

    The right overseas employment agency will be able to quickly connect you with the right people for the positions you need filled, whether you're looking for short-term contract workers for an internationally based project or full-time permanent workers for a new location overseas.

    What Can an Overseas Job Agency Do for Your Business?

    In addition to helping your company locate, connect with, vet, and hire the right talent, an overseas job agency can take care of any legal and logistical requirements of your overseas work An overseas job agency can handle the details and paperwork that could prove overwhelming for your existing staff, if they don't have experience in overseas hiring and relocations.

    Why You Should Choose Airswift as Your Overseas Job Agency

    Airswift is a global leader in workforce in the energy and infrastructure industries. We have over 50 offices around the world, hundreds of employees and thousands of experienced, highly-skilled contractors who can fill your positions.

    Our experience and dedication to client satisfaction has allowed us to be trusted by many of the major companies in the workforce solutions industry. If your company is expanding overseas, choose Airswift to assist with your offshore hiring.

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