Overseas Engineering Jobs

Have you always dreamed of landing one of those overseas engineering jobs? Or perhaps you’ve hoped for more international engineering candidates in your company? Either way, Airswift is your invaluable partner in staffing and recruiting. We lead this field in the energy, process and infrastructure industries, and we love assisting with engineering jobs overseas.

Airswift was founded in the United Kingdom. Were just a few employees with a few clients trying to make a name for ourselves in the industry. The idea of overseas engineering jobs seemed as far away as the overseas countries themselves. Still, we concentrated on growth and creating relationships with the most talented and recognized names in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Today, Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider with 35 years of experience.

Engineering jobs overseas is just one of the things we do here. We are able to provide staffing and human resources assistance at every level of a company, and we work with candidates new to the field, as well as seasoned veterans. Overseas engineering, and everything else we do, is possible through the work of hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors working in more than 50 global locations. Our projects are ongoing on six continents and in 57 countries. The impressive and vast pool of candidates in our database are on the front line making the overseas engineering jobs happen.


Airswift is serious about making you feel integral to our success and will be a guide for your entire search. You will be matched with a personal account manager who will help brush up your resume and make certain it’s ready to attract the right eyes. If you end up in a temporary position, we’ll get right to work nailing down its replacement. In the case of overseas, engineer jobs you’re very likely to have to relocate. Be assured that we have your and your family’s best interests at heart, and we will help you get and acclimate to your new home.


What if you are the engineering jobs overseas? Let us take some of the vetting and hiring burden from your human resources department. We’ll see to background checks and salary arbitration, and we’ll only send candidates that meet 90 percent or more of your specified skill set. Through our huge database and connections with motivated, experienced and talented professionals from around the world, we simplify overseas engineering jobs for everyone involved.


Don’t wait another minute – Airswift is ready to put you in touch with the best people in Energy, process and infrastructure. Learn more about engineering jobs overseas when you use the contact form below. Get in touch today!