Pacific Drilling Jobs

Pacific drilling jobs through Airswift are a great opportunity whether you are seeking a job or trying to fill a vacant one. Whatever your situation may be, Airswift is the right partner for you, and we will help you find a long-term solution with best individuals and companies in the energy, process and infrastructure industries.

We are all about building relationships for the long haul. While other employment agencies are concerned about matching workers and bosses, we are dedicated to connecting the best talent with the companies with the most need by offering the most rewarding work experiences. We certainly want vacant jobs to be filled, but we also want the industry to be the absolute best it can be by facilitating Pacific drilling careers. This is what makes us a leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting.

We started as a small company in London with one office and fewer than 10 employees. Over 35+ years, we expanded into a global company with over 50 offices worldwide and hundreds of employees. We now have projects happening in 57 countries across six continents. Thousands of contractors and an unparalleled pool of talent round out why we partner with the top name brands in the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


Job hunting can be exhausting, especially when you deal with employment agencies that do not fully grasp what you do. Energy, process and infrastructure are the only industries in which we work, and we have an international network. With the help of your recruitment consultant and then a personal account manager, you will discover the options that are best for you and your career.

Relocation is one of our specialties. If Pacific drilling careers means you have to move to a new location, we can take care of travel logistics as well as provide a concierge pack to help you get to know your new city. We offer assistance with visas, immigration papers, passports and other documentation, if needed.


Tired of weeding through endless resumes without meeting that perfect candidate? Every interview you have with a Airswift candidate will be with someone who meets 90 percent or more of your specified criteria and will be eager to grow professionally with your company.

Airswift is able to take on all human resources tasks. All of our candidates undergo rigorous background checks, and we continue the services with payroll and benefits. We know that we are doing something right when former contractors return to find candidates of their own.


When you want to learn more about Pacific drilling jobs, create an account and upload your resume to apply for a job. You can also check out our worldwide offices. For company clients looking to hire, please fill the contact form below.