Petrochemical Jobs

Airswift would be glad to help you find and apply for petrochemical jobs anywhere in the world. As a staffing and recruiting agency, we are also able to assist energy, process and infrastructure companies looking to fill petrochemical vacancies.

For several decades, Airswift has been an established and growing force in the energy industry. Because we only serve this specific sector of the market, we are well acquainted with the needs and preferences of our clients and contractors, and enjoy ongoing, active relationships with both. We are now maintaining over 50 international offices, 800 employees, and n unmatched database of contractors who work in 57 countries.

We live and breathe to do whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, to be the biggest network in energy. This is your solution to landing petrochemical jobs, or filling them within your company.

Taking Care of Every Detail

Both contractors and clients receive personal, detailed attention with Airswift. All petrochemical jobs are viewed as a unique challenge, and we want to make certain that the finest talent ends up in the most rewarding careers.

As a contractor, your account manager will stay in touch every two weeks to discuss potential petrochemical industry jobs and which ones might be best for you. We’ll work on your resume, and see that you’re ready for whatever might come your way. If relocation is a component of your new job, leave the red tape of travel, housing, legal documents, and more to us. We’ll even throw in a concierge package to make the transition to a new home a little easier.

As a client, know that every candidate we send for your petrochemical vacancies is experienced, and motivated by passion, as well as earnings. Leave background and drug screens to us, as well as contract negotiation, salary arbitration, payroll, and benefits necessities. Airswift is here to take on any and all human resource tasks for your company.

Beyond Petrochemical Jobs: Part of the Network

We know that they happiest employees are those who feel genuinely cared for both on and off the clock, so we work hard to make you feel needed. When it comes to clients, we love getting to know your company, and sending candidates that meet 90% or more of your specified criteria. Airswift is committed to supporting the fulfillment of contractors and clients, and strives to encourage it whenever we can.

Contact Airswift Today

From the executive looking to fill petrochemical jobs to the seasonal worker hoping to apply for replacement petrochem jobs, Airswift offers guidance and solutions. Contact us via fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. It will be our pleasure to discuss the industry, and your place within it, with you today!