Petrofac Jobs

Have you been wondering about how to find Petrofac jobs or find the right candidate to hire for a vacancy? Airswift is pleased to be your solution when it comes to all things related to Petrofac careers. We have the knowledge and connections that can make all the difference.

Petrofac provides oilfield services all over the world which means Petrofac vacancies are a global opportunity. We are a leader in staffing and recruiting for the energy, process and infrastructure industries, and we have and international network which includes a great relationship with the company. We are experts at matching talent and need in this industry. Our mission is about facilitating and nurturing long-term relationships that not only create Petrofac careers, but make the industries in which we excel the best they can be.


Airswift was founded with fewer than 10 employees and one office in London. We started with a small reach, but focused on expansion and growth. Now, we have upwards of 800 employees and 50 offices worldwide. Our presence in 57 countries on six continents and more than 35 years of experience allow us to support Petrofac jobs. Our employees work with over 6,000 contractors to bring together our unparalleled pool of global talent with the top name companies on our client list. We serves as a premier strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution customized to their diverse needs.


If you need assistance finding the right candidates for your open jobs, we provide the best talent in our industry. We adhere to our Golden Rule of Recruiting, which says all candidates must fit three criteria. Candidates will meet 90 percent or more of your required skill set, they will be motivated by at least one non-monetary factor, and these men and women will be excited to work within your specified salary. Airswift can also take on any human resources tasks you need help with including payroll and benefits services.


If you are a job seeker, you will work with a recruitment consultant after you apply for a job on our website. This person will take time to update your resume, prepare you for any interviews, and discuss your wants and options. As a working contractor, you will have your own account manager who will guide you through your new position and help with any future Petrofac careers and opportunities. If Petrofac employment requires you to relocate, we offer travel and housing logistics, and ensure that you have the support you need. With a concierge pack, and personalized support, you will feel at home in no time.


If you are seeking Petrofac jobs, please use the job board on our website. If you need assistance hiring personnel for your Petrofac jobs, fill in contact form below and find out how we can help.