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    Are you a pipe stress engineer or hoping to employ one at your company? If you've had enough of dealing with staffing and recruiting agencies that don't specialize in your industry, or can't offer the geographic scope you need, turn to Airswift for all things related to pipe stress engineer jobs.

    For over 35 years, Airswift has been a world leader within the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. While we may have started as a small United Kingdom company with just a few employees in London, we are now working in 57 countries on six continents. Our database contains the names of over 6,000 contractors, and we have over 800 of our own employees. Further, we work with thousands of consultants to ensure the best service for everyone. We do all of this through our more than 50 global offices.


    From the time you join Airswift as a contractor, you will feel taken care of as you look for and take on pipe stress jobs. Your personal account manager will get in touch with you every two weeks or more to talk about the process, and the two of you will discuss enhancing your resume, current opportunities and replacements for any temporary positions. Once you do find a position as a pipe stress engineer, count on us for accurate payroll, as well as a comprehensive benefits package.

    Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. This means that in addition to connecting you with the companies that want you to work with them, we'll provide support when you need it. We'll provide a concierge pack when you find yourself in a new home for a job. Along this practical vein, we'll take care of your travel and housing arrangements, as well as help out with visas, immigration and passports when needed.


    Looking to fill those pipe stress engineer jobs is a heavy task, and we're glad to take some of the burden from your shoulders. Beginning with a complete vetting and human resources division, we take care of background checks, drug screens, contract negotiation, salary arbitration and more. When you meet a candidate from Airswift, they will meet at least 90 percent of your needed skill set. In addition to being experienced and passionate, these men and women seeking pipe stress jobs only work with Airswift, not the job boards.


    Ready to be a pipe stress engineer, or find the right one for your business? Please fill in the online contact form below or call a specific location using the office locator. It will be our pleasure to talk with you about pipe stress engineer jobs!

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