Pipeline Welder Job Functions

Pipeline welding is incredibly complex and a key aspect to many forms of heavy construction and manufacturing. Skilled welders are in demand for companies that require pipe welding jobs due to the large amount of details, certifications and job specifics required of pipe welding at any given point in time.

The Functions of a Pipeline Welder

The general functions of a pipeline welder go beyond welding pipes. Pipeline welders need to be able to weld in work sites that may have significant obstructions, in accordance with different job specifications, and often in odd positions for the body, as the pipe is often too heavy or large to be moved during the project.

They have to comply with project specifications, equipment, and materials while also following both the employer’s regulations and standard safety protocol. This is especially important given that the contents of the pipe may be under high pressure, flammable or caustic, so they could hurt the welders themselves or the people around them. They are required to have certifications for not only a variety of materials, but also welding equipment and job types.

How Airswift Can Match You with Welding Pipeline Jobs

Since pipeline welders have to go through so many certifications, there are certain jobs that you will be certified to do and others that you will not. Due to the amount of heavy manufacturing occurring on a global scale, the energy, process, and infrastructure industries, are always looking for talented pipeline welders with a variety of different certifications.

Instead of trying to find pipeline welding positions for which you meet the qualifications, choose Airswift to streamline this process and do the searching for you. We have 30 years of global experience matching top talent with the best jobs and ideal companies in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Here are some advantages of choosing Airswift:

  • Global Presence, Local Expertise
    • Not only does Airswift have a global presence with offices in over 50 countries, but we also have access to areas that many other companies do not, which can open up even more opportunities for you. Our local teams have the knowledge and experience to guide and support you in any location, whether it’s your hometown or abroad.
  • Relocation
  • Our relocation services including immigration, medical checks, and travel, rotation and flight management. Once you arrive, our destination services provide you with help settling in, temporary accommodations and city orientation.Community
    • Airswift is dedicated to providing our contractors with support throughout their assignments. When one job is close to ending, our recruitment consultants will work with you to find the next opportunity. A high percentage of our contractors and former contractors continue to trust Airswift when they need to hire manpower in the future.

Airswift offers you a unique opportunity to work as a pipeline welder all over the world in industries that always need your particular skillset. Visit our job board today to get started on your job hunt!