Placement Agencies for Overseas Jobs

Companies in highly competitive fields like energy, process, and infrastructure often attract work and income on a project or contract basis. These businesses typically do not operate in one city, region, or country. In order to secure future work and continue to grow, these businesses must seek and secure work all over the world. This can present unique challenges when it comes to filling positions, whether you need permanent employees willing to relocate regularly or contractors willing to work on a project-by-project basis in different regions and countries.

Recruiting for positions in disparate regions can become complicated quickly. If you accept work in an area where you do not have an established presence, connecting with local talent may prove difficult. Even worse, there is the potential for compliance issues in a number of areas, from international tax and employment laws to local environmental and social regulations. Failing to take steps to ensure legal and regulatory compliance could leave your company in a legally or financially vulnerable position. It could also damage your reputation or leave you unable to complete a project.

Overseas Jobs Demand Knowledge of Local and International Law

For many companies seeking work in a number of countries, compliance quickly becomes a major issue. Every country has unique laws regarding issues like employment taxes, work permits, travel visas, and more. It is easy for your internal staff to overlook something critical or confuse information between different projects and locations. Without first-hand knowledge and experience in the area where you secure a new project, it can be challenging to ensure proper compliance and complete your project on time. You may struggle to fill key positions with local or relocated talent.

Compliance issues as well as the professional limits of their internal human resources teams are common reasons why growing businesses choose to secure the services of overseas job placement agencies for new international projects. An outside company with local experience and knowledge can help ensure you do not make costly mistakes when hiring and relocating overseas staff.

Working with an Outside Company Helps You Secure Staffing

Deciding to work with an overseas placement agency can make the hiring and recruiting process easier and faster when your company needs talent. There are many considerations for choosing the best overseas placement agencies. You need to look at their history of success, current presence in the region, and ability to scale their services to your ever-changing workforce needs. You do not want to end up working with dozens of different placement agencies for overseas jobs. Simply managing them all could be a full-time job for members of your human resources team.

Airswift is more than just an overseas job placement agency. We offer comprehensive workforce solutions, from local recruiting in offshore locations to global mobility services for your contractors and executives. With more than 60 offices around the world and hundreds of employees with backgrounds in the infrastructure, energy, and process industries, we are uniquely capable at helping your company connect with the best talent and relocating talent for your next contract or project.