Planner Jobs

As a global leader when it comes to staffing and recruiting for the Energy, process and infrastructure industry, Airswift can help you with finding available planner jobs or filling vacant jobs in your company.

We are all about building long-term relationships. Whether it is through a planner job or a corner office position, we are passionate about making the industry the best it can be by connecting talent and companies through our world-class system. As a facilitator for those seeking planner jobs and those requiring new workers, we work hard to make the best matches that will benefit everyone involved.

Since we opened, we have concentrated on expanding, and we now have an amazing international network of contractors and company clients. What started as a London-based business with fewer than 10 employees, is now powered by more than 50 offices worldwide with over 800 employees. Along with over 6,000 contractors and an unrivales talent pool, we are an integral part of driving planner jobs for the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


Jobs in planning are a vital part of the project manager and services discipline that we serve at Airswift. We partner with many of the top name brands in the industry, and you can access specific things like P6 planner jobs and opportunities with other specific companies through Airswift. When you apply for a job, you will work with a recruitment specialist who will polish your resume for the eyes of your potential employers. As a working contractor, you will have your own personal account manager to keep in touch throughout your new position and help find future opportunities. We act as a guide, not just for individual jobs, but for your planner career.

If relocating to another part of the world interests you, we can help with this as well. Let Airswift deal with the logistics of travel and housing, visas, immigration papers, and passports. We even provide a concierge pack to help you acclimate to your new home. We will help you transition as smoothly as possible.


Airswift can streamline the vetting and hiring processes so that you can concentrate on running the business by aiding with any human resources tasks including background checks. You will only meet qualified and experienced men and women who are not on the job boards and look only to Airswift for P6 planner jobs and other positions in the field.


Are you ready to learn more about securing planner jobs or how to find the right candidate for your business? Please take a minute to apply for a job on our website, fill in the contact form or use the office locator to find a branch near you.