Procurement Job Resources

Welcome to Airswift. Our decades of experience in the energy sector have made us world leaders when it comes to the industry’s staffing and recruiting which includes procurement jobs. If you like the idea of obtaining suppliers and other needs for the top names in the business, or if you need a new procurement staff member, we are proud to be your solution.

Procurement Engineer Jobs

Procurement engineers are responsible for maintaining and using expert knowledge in the use of energy technical goods. You’ll work with vendors and salespeople to ensure your company has the safest and most effective materials for getting the jobs done. Education and experience are essential in this role, and Airswift works hard to match the most qualified and motivated individuals with the companies that are ready to foster their careers. With locations all over the world, we are a key to global opportunities and solutions. Click here to learn more about Procurement Engineer Jobs.

Procurement Job Vacancies

If you’re struggling to find procurement job vacancies, or if you can’t find the right people for procurement job vacancies at your business, then come talk to Airswift. We do our part to make candidates visible and viable, and we can also perform any human resources tasks needed to help company clients move forward. We don’t disappear once the vacancies are filled – we’re here to build relationships and work with everyone for the long haul. Whether it’s polishing a resume or assisting company clients with payroll services, Airswift can be your guide for as long as you need. Click here to learn more about Procurement Job Vacancies.

Procurement Jobs

Safety is at our core, and it is vital to all operations associated with Airswift. In the procurement arena of energy, safety is always a forefront concern, and our candidates understand it while our company clients emphasize it. We provide both job seekers and employers with a world of opportunity while maintaining the specific safety standards and rules of the 57 countries in which we work. With more than 6,000 contractors and over 50 international offices, we help energy procurement be the best it can possibly be. Click here to learn more about Procurement Jobs.

Procurement Manager Jobs

Airswift is ready to work with new candidates for the energy field, including procurement managers. Negotiation is a big part of procurement, and our candidates will always match with 90 percent or more of a client’s outlined skill set. For the contractors, we can support payroll and benefits services. These are the relationships that lead to our success and yours.

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