Procurement Jobs

The procurement roles of professionals within the energy, infrastructure and process industries are incredibly important. These are the people who interact with all of the company’s suppliers and obtain the tools and materials that enable the rest of the system to function, and their decisions impact everyone from the top down. At Airswift, we recognize the nature of procurement positions, and work hard to facilitate a great career in procurement, or the filling of a vacant position, for all of our clients.

After decades of connecting talent with need for ultimate success in procurement positions, Airswift has built excellent working relationships with individuals and companies all over the world. From procurement internships to management titles, we find the best people for . Our contractors are not on the job boards, and rely on Airswift for the positions they desire. Our company clients know they can trust us for qualified, motivated and professional workers. If a career in procurement is something you want, or have to offer, Airswift is the name you can count on.

Procurement Positions are Vital to Safety

Unlike procurement roles in some other industries, ebergy procurement puts safety above all else. While efficiency and cost savings are important, it all becomes moot if the equipment is not reliably safe for everyone working with and around it. As Airswift helps you to a career in procurement, or presents you with an experienced candidate, we keep this fact at the forefront of our minds. For the protection of you and/or your employees, we wouldn’t do anything less.

Global Opportunity

Airswift is a global company. We now have over 50 offices around the world, an unmatched database of contractors and people working in 57 countries. This enables us to bring together workers and businesses, who might have previously been on different continents, and in opposite hemispheres. To simplify the process for you, we are always ready to assist with things like passports, immigration papers, travel and housing details and all other human resource needs.

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