Production Operator Jobs Downstream

Welcome to Airswift. For over 3.5 decades, we have been a global leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting, from production jobs to administration to a seat in the corner office, we know what it takes to make the industry great for individuals and careers. Let us help you make the most of your career or your business.

Our mission is to facilitate and nurture relationships in the fields of energy, process and infrastructure. When it comes to production manager jobs or production operator jobs we take time to understand everyone’s background and goals and make the best matches between able workers and rewarding companies. While other employment agencies can help in a variety of fields, we concentrate on only energy, process and infrastructure. Our candidates are not on the job boards, and rely only on Airswift for the advancement of their careers.

Airswift was not always such a global company. When we were being founded, any production jobs we worked in were in the region of the United Kingdom. Over the decades we put a lot of energy into expansion and are now present in 57 countries and across six continents. We are very proud of our unrivaled global talent pool. Together, more than 800 employees and 6,000 contractors match them with our clients, many of whom are top name brand companies, and among this work are production manager jobs.


If you are running a company, spending the time creating a production scheduler job description or vetting numerous candidates is not always an ideal arrangement. Let Airswift introduce you to the candidates who are qualified for and eager to work in your production jobs, and help you create long-term relationships for the growth of your company.

We will take care of background checks and drug screens, as well as salary arbitration and contract negotiation. Each candidate you meet will match with 90 percent or more of your specified skill set and be motivated by more than just a paycheck.


If you have been looking for production operator jobs in energy, process and infrastructure, you can begin and end your search at Airswift. We will match you with consultants and managers who truly care about your career, and want to help you achieve all of your goals. If you have experience within production planner jobs, we understand how to channel it into a job that further advances you in your chosen industry. For those who are interested in relocation, we offer complete and personal services for travel, housing and getting you settled in.


When you are ready to know more about production manager jobs, or anything else we work in at Airswift, please get in touch. See our detailed information on worldwide offices or our list of jobs on the website. Finally, potential clients can use the contact form below for companies to get started with staffing requests.