Project Engineer Job Functions

If you have worked a project engineer job, you understand that majority of positions in the project engineer career are on a project or contract basis, which means the search for your next assignment may come within a few weeks to a couple of years. Companies all over the world are looking for project engineers to fill in the gaps of their engineering hierarchy, but they do not always advertise these openings on job boards or social media sites like LinkedIn. These companies will instead partner with a workforce solutions provider to assist with identifying top talent for their project engineer vacancies. Airswift is a global leader in workforce solutions and has an international network of employers within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. When you choose Airswift, you choose to work with a provider who will streamline the job search and match your qualifications with the best company and position.

Project Engineer Job Functions

A project engineer serves as a liaison between the project manager and the engineers within a company. Sometimes the project engineer and the project manager are one in the same, but when they are separate positions, they work together to lead the team.

This position has three aspects to it. One aspect is the technical knowledge that accompanies being an engineer. Every project requires pre-planning and forecasting of the materials, finances, and timeline, which requires an in-depth understanding of engineering. The project engineer must do all of the forecasting and maintain these predictions until the job is completed, while identifying and solving any engineering issues which may disturb said forecasts.

The second part consists of good management skills and inter-discipline coordination in order to keep the workers in check and on time. Project engineers need to create a schedule that organizes and prioritizes the workload over the forecasted timeline. They must also ensure that workers operate within the given safety and legal requirements of their location and company.

The third part is the ability to interact well with people outside of the company. There are numerous people involved in any given project, and it is the project engineer’s job to communicate with everyone. Project engineers may have to determine clients’ requirements, work with outside contractors to ensure that the equipment is fit for the current project, and determine the performance management of vendors.

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