Project Management Jobs

Someone with experience in project management typically goes through a number of positions. After all, project management is a process that typically has a specific goal or timeframe, meaning that when the project is completed, is it time to seek out new jobs in project management. For those with the right connections, project management positions can be easy to come by. For most everyone else, even those with exemplary skills and a proven record of success, project manager positions can be difficult to find and obtain.

Nothing detracts from the work you’re currently performing like the knowledge that upon completion, you will be forced to seek new employment. Stress arising from the need to seek out and secure a position following the completion of your current project management positions can impact your work performance, health, and social life. That’s why is makes sense to work with a company that performs project manager recruitment. Companies that recruit for project manager positions typically have a lot of industry contacts, making it easier for their contractors to find their next contract when one is finished.

Project Manager Job Placement Saves Time and Stress

Instead of wasting hours creating a new resume and then an hour or more creating a cover letter for each individual job being considered, project managers who work with placement companies can focus completely on their current project and feel secure knowing that their placement company is taking care of their career. This can improve stress levels and focus at work, leading to better success rates and interactions with other team members.

Airswift an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Our expansive network includes companies of all sizes within these industries with available project management jobs. When you choose Airswift, you will work with experienced recruitment consultants who will help you find the perfect job for you. Airswift will also work on your behalf to help secure your next position, ensures that there will be no time overlap between the two projects, and provide full relocation services and support any time you have to move for a new position.

Choose Airswift for Your Project Manager Placement

Whether you’re a senior project manager or you have just completed your first contract as a project manager, looking for your next project manager job shouldn’t be a drawn-out, laborious process. Airswift has over 30 years of experience with hundreds of employees in more than 50 offices worldwide and thousands of contractors working in nearly 60 countries around the world. Our success speaks for itself. Don’t waste your precious time and mental energy searching for each individual project manager contract; work with Airswift, who will handle everything from finding new contracts that fit your skills to assisting in the relocation process.