QA & QC Engineer

QA QC Engineer Job Description

While both quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) engineers are commonly described as interchangeable titles for the same role, there is actually a differentiation between the two. Both of these positions are used to prevent defects or mistakes in manufactured products or problems in systems and solutions. A QA engineer job description consists of systematic measurement, comparing the product with the set standard and monitoring the processes so as to prevent mistakes, whereas a QC engineer is more focused on the process output. Since the roles are so similar, many companies combine both roles and label this position as a QA & QC engineer.

Who Is Looking for QA QC Engineers?

Every company that manufactures products needs QA QC engineers. Without this position to ensure safety and satisfaction, products could result in dissatisfaction, injury, or even death. QA and QC engineer jobs require varying technical skills and opportunities at different levels making it hard for a job seeker to find these positions without the help of a workforce solutions provider, like Airswift.

How Airswift Can Help You Find a Job

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  • Logistics
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  • Community
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