Quality Control Inspection

Welcome to Airswift. As a staffing and recruiting leader for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, we are your best solution when faced with a quality control job description. For decades we have focused on creating lasting relationships between contractors and companies, which makes things better for individuals, businesses and the industry overall.

Be it quality control jobs or anything else in this sector, we function at every level. You will find us in permanent and temporary jobs, direct hire and contract work, upstream, midstream, downstream and chemical companies, onshore and offshore and more. We can work with any size company and at every level. Far from simply filling vacancies in quality control, we are a reliable resource and career guide, acting along with, or as, a human resources department when needed.

In the beginning, over 35 years ago, a quality control description in our care would have only been from the region of the United Kingdom. From one office and with fewer than 10 employees we established ourselves in the field. Over time, we grew a lot, and are now more than 50 offices all over the globe and powered by hundreds of employees. Along with thousands of contractors, they bring together company clients and exceptional individuals from our teeming pool of talent. We are very proud of our work happening in 57 countries and across six continents.


Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Far from treating contractors and companies like numbers, we want to make everyone a part of a cohesive whole. We might be operating on a global scale, but we are also experts at providing a personalized service. Each and every quality control job description is treated as a unique need and opportunity.


Tired of dealing with employment agencies that do not understand your experience? Let us take it from here. Our recruitment specialists will work with you to find that first position in quality control inspection, and we will immediately search for a replacement if needed. From polishing your resume to relocation to connecting you with fellow workers, Airswift is here for you and your career.


Background checks, drug screens, negotiations and more are all handled by Airswift. Even if you have an amazing human resources department, vetting and hiring can be a time consuming job. We will only send quality control job candidates who match 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria and are eager to grow professionally in your company.


Find out more about Airswift and quality control jobs when you select from our worldwide offices. Candidates can check out the list of jobs on our site, upload a resume or create an account. Organizations may complete the contact form below for companies to get initiate staffing requests.