Quality Control Officer Jobs

The energy, process and infrastructure industries are wonderfully versatile, and Airswift is proud to work within every aspect of these essential fields. If you want to place or find an exciting quality control engineer job description, we would be happy to connect you with what you are looking for.


We are an energy, process and infrastructure sector powerhouse that operates from over 50 offices and within 57 countries around the world. Through our incomparably expansive database of contractors, we have the manpower and diversity to see that employers and job seekers get what they need. It is our mission to guide and support contractors in their search, as well as to streamline staffing for our clients.

Furthermore, Airswift is a premier turnkey workforce solutions provider, exceeding what you’ll get with any of our competition. From the minute you partner with us, you will receive personalized service and care from the largest name in the business. This dedication creates healthy work environments for our contractors and better outcomes for our clients.

Because quality control is such an important part of every job site’s success, we give these positions a great deal of attention. Whether you are placing or hoping to match a quality control officer job description, it would be our pleasure to welcome you to the Airswift community!


If you have seen a quality control engineer job description that appeals to you, don’t wait another minute to contact Airswift. You will quickly be connected with your own account manager who will touch base with you every two weeks. We will take the time to learn about you, your qualifications, history and goals, and we will compile your information into an impressive and tailored resume.

Once you have landed that perfect job, we will stay in touch, and work to line up something new when your current position ends. Whether you take on another quality control officer job description or decide to go for something different, your account manager will be there as your resource and point of communication.


As an employer, you can enjoy great results with Airswift. While recruiting, screening and payroll are a common expectation, we go above and beyond by taking care of drug testing, salary arbitration and contract negotiation. The candidates introduced to you will meet or exceed 90 percent of your requirements and be willing to work within a defined pay range. Best of all, these people are looking for more than a paycheck, and are hoping to be challenged by the job you offer.

We can help you fill short term or permanent positions, and are accustomed to working with both very large and smaller scale organizations.


From process control jobs to managing quality control, Airswift is here to see that your goals are met. When you need to place or find that perfect quality control engineer job description, call or fill the contact form below to get started!