Recruitment Agencies in Canada

    As your company grows, so does your need for more employees. In certain industries, you may need an entire workforce to support a new project. Identifying and managing employees can slow the growth of your business if you do not have enough resources internally. For many businesses in the infrastructure, process and energy industries within Canada, recruitment agencies are an ideal solution. Outsourcing recruitment to a recruitment agency for Canada-based or overseas projects can reduce work overload and allow you to continue with business as usual. However, not every Canadian overseas recruitment agency can offer full staffing solutions. While some recruitment agencies in Canada are specialized in one service, Airswift offers a full range of solutions to support your company’s needs. Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries with over 30 years of experience partnering with companies in Canada and around the world.  Airswift maintains four offices in Canada and over 50 worldwide. When you choose Airswift to support your hiring and recruiting efforts, you can expect world class service and tailored solutions for your business. From executive placement to engineers and field workers, the professionals at Airswift can find the talent you need.

    We are one of the top recruitment agencies in Canada and can connect your organization with skilled laborers, engineers and other professionals for your Canadian-based or overseas contract work. Don't struggle to do it all internally! It makes much more sense to work with a well-established recruitment agency like Airswift.

    Outsourced Recruiting Helps During Rapid Growth

    If your company suddenly has a large contractual obligation to fulfill in Canada or internationally, your internal human resources and management teams may not be able to handle the demand for staffing. If the project is located away from your primary center of operations, it can be difficult to locate, interview and fully background verify applicants and potential workers. By choosing to outsource this time-consuming work to Airswift, your company can focus its existing resources and maintain growth development.

    While it may seem surprising, choosing to outsource your recruiting can save your company money and help keep your growth and new projects on schedule. When your organization partners with Airswift to find skilled staff in Canada or abroad, Airswift can help ensure your company meets its hiring goals and deadlines while staying within your projected staffing budget.

    Airswift Understands Canadian Employment Requirements

    There can be a lot of complications involved in expanding your operations to Canada. Similarly, if you are a Canadian company, it can be difficult to connect with local talent to fill critical openings in your business. Thankfully, at Airswift, we understand the legal requirements for Canadian-based companies, international hiring, contract fulfillment and even corporate relocation. We also understand that demand changes quickly, so we offer each of our clients custom, scalable solutions to their staffing and relocation needs. When you choose Airswift, you get access to our global pool of talent and resources.

    Airswift Has the Global Resources to Grow Your Canadian Business

    Airswift maintains over 50 offices around the world with four offices in Canada alone. Our regional headquarters in Calgary support clients and contractors across the country. Airswift provides continent and permanent recruitment with a variety of staffing solutions to meet your company needs. In addition, Airswift offers full global mobility solutions to help you expand into our outside of Canada or support workers you want to hire that may need to relocate. At Airswift, we understand the demands of international contracts, recruiting and relocating contract talent. Airswift remains compliant with local laws in Canada and abroad, and we ensure full compliance with your workforce and independent contractors.

    When you choose Airswift for your staffing and recruitment needs, you will benefit from our candidate database of over 500,000 workers of varying education, experience and backgrounds ready to work for companies like yours. Choose Airswift today!

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