Refinery Jobs

Supporting Rewarding and Successful Refinery Work for Contractors and Employees

Refinery jobs in the energy industry make it possible for crude oil to become accessible to the public, and Airswift wants to help you make the most of refinery job openings. Whether you are an energy company with a need for high quality contractors, or an individual looking for refinery work, the staffing and recruiting services of Airswift are the solution you’ve been waiting for.

For more than 35 years, we’ve supported the successful refinery careers of numerous people, and built strong working relationships with multiple leading energy companies. We understand the importance of every aspect of industry operations, from each refinery job to the meetings in the corner office, and are here to connect the best talent with the greatest need. We do whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, to be the biggest network in energy staffing.

You Can Trust Us for the Long Haul

We’ve taken a cue from our own name to develop a list of what we hold most dear for refinery jobs and everything else we do. Among them are: Safety, World class service and operations, Integrity, Fulfillment, and Transparency. It is important that contractors and clients alike know that we are committed to treating everyone ethically and with respect as an honest company working to support amazing refinery careers. We also encourage innovation and empowerment, and feel both are beneficial to professionals at every level of the energy industry.

Finding Refinery Jobs with Airswift

You’ll be matched with an account manager as soon as you become one of our contractors. This person will speak with you every two weeks or more to touch base regarding your search for refinery work. We’ll ensure that your resume is designed to attract the eyes of desired employers, and bring up possibilities for future projects, a retention program and relocation, should you be interested. Know that we have genuine concern for you, and make efforts to see that your transportation, housing, and legal documentation needs are all met.

Filling Refinery Jobs with Airswift

In the spirit of simplifying your human resources tasks, Airswift can take care of background checks, drug screens, salary and contract negotiation, payroll, benefits, and logistics for your contractors. We’ll only introduce you to candidates who meet 90% or more of your requested credentials, and guarantee that they’ll be motivated by refinery work growth as much as a paycheck.

Contact Airswift for More About Refinery Jobs

Whether you have an available refinery job position or want yours to be one of many exciting refinery careers, feel free to fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. We look forward to working with you!