Refinery Turnaround Jobs

Interested in learning more about refinery turnaround and how we can connect you with the best in the business? At Airswift, we are the proud global leader in energy staffing and recruiting, and we have the means to help you advance your career and/or company.

For more than 35 years, we’ve been expanding our reach to work throughout the world and with all kinds of professionals. We have hundreds of employees, and work with literally thousands of contractors. By maintaining over 50 global offices, a database with the names of 6,000 contractors and projects in 57 countries, we strive to be the biggest network in energy recruiting.

Scaled to Your Needs for Refinery Turnaround

At Airswift, we are agile enough to scale our services to your needs. Whether you’re an individual looking for regional refinery turnaround jobs, or an international corporation hoping to take on new workers, we have what it takes. Further, since we only work in energy, you’ll benefit from our deep understanding of the industry. We enjoy great, active relationships with some of the leading names in the world, and we have the finest people performing the jobs. In fact, we often have former contractors come back to us when they need contractors of their own. We believe that says something good about what we do.

In another vein, we can scale our services to any level of your organization. From a new rig worker to someone for your corner office, we know men and women with experience and motivation for every job you need done. We deal in both temporary and permanent position recruiting.

Handling all the Details

When you sign up with Airswift you become part of our network. As a contractor, you get assistance with your job search from your own account manager. We’ll also spend some time on your resume. If relocation for refinery turnarounds is something you’re interested in, let us handle any rush orders on passports and visas, as well as immigration papers and transportation. We’ll even throw in a concierge pack to make your new home feel a little more like… well, home.

Our company clients receive the support of a human resources power house. From background checks and drug screens, to salary and contract negotiation, we’ll take care of the red tape and busy work. Better yet, you’ll know you’re getting the best because each candidate we send will meet 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria. Driven by passion as well as a paycheck, these professionals want to work for you.

Contacting Airswift

Please use the online contact form below or office locator to get in touch, and learn more refinery turnaround jobs through Airswift. We look forward to speaking with you