Relocation Assistance

Growing your energy, infrastructure, or process business is a complex affair. Many times, it requires seeking and accepting work in distant locations. Working in international markets can create its own set of obstacles. You may need to choose between local recruiting, international hiring, and relocation for specialized positions. You may need a combination of all the choices. When you do have workers ready to move, they will surely be asking for relocation assistance when accepting a contract offer. Relocation, especially international relocation, can quickly overwhelm even the best human resources team.

There are so many details to handle when it comes to relocation. Every country has different requirements for both entry and legally working within them. There are work permits, travel and work visas, and tax considerations. Your relocated staff will likely need to pay income tax in both their country of origin and the country where the work is performed. Managing these details is hard enough when you have to relocate one staff member, but when you are moving an entire workforce, it can become incredibly time-consuming.

The Right Relocation Practices Can Make Your Company More Appealing

There’s no question that compensation and benefits both factor into the quality of staff and contractors you are able to attract and retain. This is particularly true when it comes to highly skilled positions that require significant levels of education. These professionals will have their choice of multiple contracts and employers in many cases, so offering a competitive relocation assistance program can incentivize the best professionals to work with your company.

Creating a standard policy for relocation assistance will make the whole process simpler, so you don’t have to deal with negotiating relocation assistance with each new contractor or employee you hire. However, managing even a basic benefits package for contractors or staff that need relocation assistance for work can be overload. It is important that everyone receives the same level of relocation support. Retaining the services of an outside company to manage the relocation process and help your business focus on the work in a new country.

Finding the right company with adequate relocation assistance can be difficult. Relocation can involve logistics for travel, a large amount of bureaucratic paperwork, and helping individual employees prepare for international travel. Not every company can provide these services, or they may be limited to certain regions or major city centers. Choose a company that can handle it all. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Can Manage Every Aspect of Relocation

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider in the energy, process, and infrastructure industries with over 30 years of experience providing custom workforce solutions to our clients. Whether you need help identifying local talent in a location where you have no current presence, or managing the relocation of your existing staff across the world, Airswift has the expertise and knowledge to help your business effectively, compliantly, and safely make the move. In addition, our Global Mobility service includes a menu of relocation assistance, including services to help acclimate your staff to your new setting by providing information about local laws, customs, and language. This can make the transition to a new environment safer and reduce the possibility of clashes with the local population due to cultural or legal differences.

Airswift has more than 50 offices around the world with dedicated teams available to even the most remote locations. Their service and technical expertise will not only help your business, but also your local workforce. We can provide local recruiting assistance at the work site, as well as managed services for all your staff relocation needs. From bench marking standard wages and relocation packages to completing permit and visa applications, our team can handle every aspect of your relocation process. Whatever your workforce needs, choose Airswift.