Relocation Companies

 If your business is expanding to a new city, state, province or country, there is a chance that you will soon have need of a relocation management company. These businesses, also called employee relocation companies, can handle all of the processing, paperwork, and logistics required to have employees or contractors relocated to a new city or even a new country. Every country has different requirements and laws, and it is critical that your business has a solid understanding of these requirements during the relocation process. By working with relocation companies, you save time and resources attempting to accomplish this large task on your own.

Airswift is a leader among global relocation companies and has the experience and expertise to make the complex international relocation process as streamlined and simple for your employees and contractors as possible.

What Is a Relocation Company?

 Relocation companies are companies that handle the outsourced needs of another company relocate their employees or contractors from one location to another to perform their work. The top relocation companies support domestic relocations, including travel and flight management, shipping of possessions, obtaining housing, providing destination guides, and for those that support international relocation, coordinating visa and work permits, passports and expatriation. The mobility specialists who work for these relocation management companies have a more hands-on experience in handling the relocation process that many human resources departments lack.

Depending on your company relocation policy, the number of people being relocated and the distance they will be traveling, the relocation process can be very complex and drawn out. There is a wide variety of permits, visas and documentation required that is dependent on the country of origin and the country where the work will be performed. Additionally, mobility specialists can assist with the process of acclimating workers to a new location by providing information and advice about local culture, laws, and amenities.

 Why Choose Airswift as Your Relocation Company?

The best relocation companies can provide your company with peace of mind, allowing management to focus on daily operations. For more than 30 years, Airswift has been a global leader in workforce solutions, including global and domestic relocation. With hundreds of employees working  in over 50 offices worldwide, Airswift can provide your company with a smooth and efficient relocation process.

 By choosing Airswift, your company can continue to focus on what it does best and allow the experienced professionals at Airswift to arrange and execute your relocation needs.