Relocation Consultants

Finding talent for positions in another city, state, or country can be a difficult and daunting process. Not only will your company have to vastly expand its search process to include these locations, but there are a lot of logistic considerations that can impact the international hiring process.

Many companies that work internationally or in a number of cities or states choose to work with professional relocation consultants because of how complex the process of international hiring and staff relocation can be. These professionals handle the entire process of relocating talent from one country or city to another for the purpose of performing a job.

What Does a Relocation Consultant Do?

If your company hasn’t had professional experience with a relocation consultant, it can be hard to figure out what exactly relocation consulting entails. Depending on the relocation consultancy you choose to work with, they could offer full relocation services, which includes locating and hiring applicants, applying for work permits, and scheduling travel. Other consultants will simply review internal practices to ensure you are complying with all necessary laws.

Airswift is a leader in workforce solutions, and in addition to the services listed above, we also dedicate time and effort to helping relocated employees acclimate to their new location.

Why You Should Outsource Your Relocation Consulting

Your company doesn’t need to create relocation consultant jobs that draw an internal salary, even if your company is intending to regularly fill offsite contracts and positions. Doing so could place an unnecessary financial burden on your company that could also deter future internal expansion in the human resources or management departments.

It also very likely, no matter how much relocation you’re planning to do, that your company simply won’t have consistent, full-time need for a relocation consultant. Outsourcing this position to an established business can save your company time and money.

How Relocation Consultants Help Your Business

In addition to potentially connecting your company with the talent it needs, a relocation consultant can ensure that your company is complying with all applicable laws, both in your primary location and the new location.

From filing appropriate tax documentation and work permits with the necessary authorities to handling the logistics of international travel and making your newly relocated employees feel safe and comfortable at their new location, a relocation consultant can handle all the details of staff and contract labor relocation.

Choose Airswift for Your Relocation Consulting Needs

As a global leader in workforce solutions, Airswift has hundreds of employees working in over 50 offices. Our established, respected business model connects you with the talent you need, and we have the experience in relocation that you can depend on when your company is expanding and growing into new markets.

Airswift can handle the entire relocation process. Choose Airswift for your relocation needs and get your focus back on your primary business!