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Choosing Airswift as your partner for workforce relocation and mobilization gives you access to numerous relocation benefits that wouldn’t be realized elsewhere. While the worldwide economy is fast-paced and chaotic causing more and more businesses to expand across borders into new countries and locations, the world has become smaller than ever before thanks to the improved technology of global companies such as Airswift.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We have over 30 years of experience supporting our various clients with all their workforce needs, including relocation assistance. So, what is relocation assistance? 

Sending your workers to a new country or location can be very difficult when your business is unfamiliar with the area. When you choose to work with Airswift, we can not only provide your business with the necessary information to establish your business in a new country, but we can also help relocate your staff and provide them with local support and resources, such as a relocation guide, to reduce stress and increase productivity. 

When your company is working in multiple countries with a diverse workforce, communication issues can and will present themselves and your employees may not know how to ask for relocation assistance. The key to success is to have the relocation support that Airswift offers. 

What is relocation assistance and how can it help your company and employees?

Relocation assistance can be provided to both your business and your relocating workers. At Airswift, we make sure we provide assistance on both sides to ensure all operations are smooth and stress-free.

Our services teams provide assignees and workers with detailed information on their destination country. It is full of information that details local practices, housing and accommodation, public transportation and various activities and things to do within the country. These guides are just an introduction to the full support your workers can experience when you partner with Airswift for relocation assistance.

What about a relocation guide for the company management? Our global mobility specialists and Airswift Service teams serve as your guide throughout the relocation process, providing world class support and services while answering any of your immigration and finance concerns. Our teams are knowledgeable in the local laws and tax requirements of over 50 locations, and through our offices around the world, they can provide a much-needed local presence to teams arriving at your project or work location. These are just a few of the relocation benefits that you will experience when you partner with Airswift.

Immigration, Finance and Relocation Benefits

The assistance we offer is intended to address any concerns from multiple directions, and our specialists are ready to serve as your own personal relocation guide to walk you through the process.

Our relocation support system starts with an innovative, web-based information portal that streamlines the processing of critical data. The relocation benefits you get from this are enormous, as nothing is left out or missed. Compliance is far easier when everyone has access to the same information worldwide, and compliance is one of our key goals.

We also save you time and reduce risk by providing the direct services you and your workforce need, which includes destination services, policy management services, travel services, flight management, rotation services, country safety assistance, repatriation services and more. We know your investment is significant, and we want to minimize that risk and increase your chances of success. This takes a compressive approach.

In addition, your company can experience financial benefits that go beyond mere risk reduction and investment protection. The logistics of running an international company can be daunting from a financial perspective, with payroll issues, payment devices, tax implications and more. You must adhere to local and international laws, which could affect payroll and regulations. Getting the money into your workers’ hands sounds like the easiest part of the process, but there are often unforeseen issues that slow you down and add stress and complications you don’t need. Let our relocation support team take care of everything and make sure payments are made on time and in compliance with all pertinent regulations.

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As you can see, there are significant relocation benefits to working with Airswift, so we encourage you to call today.